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Heartworm Testing

Protecting Dogs from Heartworm Disease

Heartworm disease in dogs is known to be a serious and harmful disease. Our veterinary practice helps protect furry friends by offering annual pet health testing. This helps detects any early signs of pet heartworm disease and prevents any risks in the future.

Heartworm Treatment for Dogs

The serious condition is often found in canine pets. Heartworm disease in dogs often shows results in heart failure, severe lung disease, organ damage and unfortunately, death. This is often seen when the heartworm larvae transmit to healthy animals through mosquitoes. These mosquitoes are transmitting fluids from previously bitten infected animals. Experienced veterinary doctors and technicians create preventative treatment programs to help guide pet parents on the best way to navigate the situation.

For pet testing for heartworm disease, contact our team today.

Heartworm testing at Best Friends Animal Clinic

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